3 Lies About Internet Marketing
That Slow Success

Having trouble making this whole online marketing thing work for you? 

It could be because you’ve bought into one or more of these lies.

So, before you can make ANY real progress, you’ve definitely got to ditch this way of thinking and get back on the right track. If you want to be successful in this business, avoid succumbing to these blatant lies right now and your wallet and sanity will thank you for it.

Let’s, get to it.

People discovering marketing mistakes

Lie #1

You haven’t succeeded because you don’t know the SECRET or you don’t have the MAGIC Sauce.

You’ve seen the headlines, you’ve read the copy, and you’ve watched it in videos. If ONLY you knew what the big marketer knew, THEN you would be a success. If ONLY you had their piece of software or their e-course, THEN you’d be a millionaire.

The truth? If you’re getting distracted by lies like this, then it’s no wonder why you haven’t succeeded yet. There is no one big secret, magic pill, or instant cash software. Attaining success is a series of small, continuous steps that lead to the goal you have in mind.

And if you’re constantly being pulled off the path, then it’s no wonder you’re having trouble reaching your destination.

Lie #2

You haven’t succeeded because you don’t own the push-button shortcut.

Folks, there are no push-button shortcuts. Making money online is a series of small, continuous steps that lead to your goal. (Now where have I read that before?) And if you’re getting distracted by the latest, greatest gizmo, then you’re moving backward, not forwards.

You’re spending your money and you’re wasting your time when you need to be investing both your time and money on moving ever closer to where you need to be.

Next time you see a sales letter for the secret to ending all secrets, the magic formula to success, or the push-button shortcut that will make your bank account explode, ask yourself – will this get me closer to my goal, or will it get me DISTRACTED?

And one more thing – what is it about these copywriters who want to “Explode Your Bank Account?” I don’t know about your bank, but my bank HATES anything that explodes and tends to greatly discourage that kind of thing. 😉 Maybe it would be better to simply grow our bank account at a steady rate, instead.

Lie #3

You can quickly and easily attain the “Internet Lifestyle.”

What the heck is an Internet Lifestyle? According to sales letters, it’s kicking back, doing nothing, and watching the armored car roll up to your beachfront mansion. Or it’s pressing 4 keys on your keyboard and again, watching your bank account explode.

Hey, even when you become ultra-successful, Internet Marketing is STILL hard work. Unless of course, you hire a staff to handle everything for you.

In which case who is going to monitor the staff to see they don’t run off with the business? A manager? Okay, who’s going to monitor the manager? And who’s going to steer your IM ship and keep it on course?

The fact is, you’ve got to be realistic and understand for your own benefit that Internet Marketing is hard work, and it’s hardest of all when you first get started.

There’s a lot to learn and even more to do, and until you take action and get to work, nothing is going to happen. And that’s not to say you’ve got to work 12 hours a day. But you do have to work smart, and you do have to WORK.


We hate to burst bubbles, but this is the truth and anything else is just pie in the sky.



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