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You’ve got this great product idea that’s in the works, and now you’re starting to contemplate the product launch.

You can’t help but get excited.

You’ve heard the stories before about these amazing six-figure product launches that get the whole niche buzzing as everyone affiliate seems to be promoting the offer. Maybe you’ve daydreamed a bit about how it would feel to create this sort of launch around your product?

Imagine the money flowing in… your inbox lighting up with sales notifications… your list exploding… and you get huge amounts of respect in your marketing niche going forward.

Feels good, right?

You know it’s possible. You’ve seen plenty of marketers create these amazing affiliate-driven product launches.

And yet…

It’s hard as hell to pull off if you’re a newcomer. Especially when you’re relying on guesswork and chance…a sure-fire recipe for disaster.

But it’s a really difficult thing to do successfully if you’re just getting established in your niche. And a lot of beginning marketers who try to create an affiliate-driven product launch end up disappointed with their results.

Here’s why…

The biggest and best affiliates in your niche are already plugged into and promoting the biggest and best vendors in your niche. Sure, these super affiliates always have an eye out for a new opportunity. An up-and-coming vendor. A product with a lot of potential.

But these affiliates also get a lot of amazing offers crossing their desks every single day of the week. Everyone and their uncle want the super affiliates promoting their launches and other offers. And that means a super affiliate can be super-picky about what sort of offers they promote. Can you guess which offers that super affiliates pick to promote?

Hint: it’s not necessarily the one with the biggest and best commissions.… which means a shiny commission alone isn’t going to necessarily persuade a super affiliate to jump onboard with your launch.

So what is the deal maker?

What is the one factor that gets affiliates flocking to promote a product?

It’s the relationship the affiliate
has with a vendor. That means you!

That’s because…

The biggest and best commissions in the world mean nothing if the affiliate doesn’t know you or trust you. If they have no relationship with you, then they’re going to have a fear that they’ll do all this work and then not get paid.

Or, worse yet, that you’re going to burn the customers they send to you. That will break the trust between them and their audience, and that trust (and their good reputation) will take a long time to rebuild.

The point is this.

Super affiliates get a ton of great offers crossing their desk every single day of the week. They’ve got big commission offers, high-conversions, and backend commissions coming out of the woodwork. So, they certainly feel no pull towards risking their income or their reputation with an unknown seller. Simply put, they’d rather work with their friends.

Can’t blame them. But this fact is what makes it difficult for a newcomer to have a successful affiliate-driven product launch.

You may have even tried to go down this route before and if you’re like most product developers experienced the same kind of setbacks?

But don’t worry!

Introducing:  Product Launch Secrets

How to build a cash-paying audience who can’t wait to buy your products.

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Let’s set aside the idea of the affiliate-driven launch, and let’s talk about one of the best ways to create a massively successful product launch with an avalanche of orders…

It’s this: build an audience FIRST, and then sell your in-demand product to that waiting audience.

You see, a lot of marketers do this totally backward.

They create a product, and then they go looking for an audience who wants to buy it.

Here’s what I’m suggesting: build your audience before and during the product creation process. This gives you time to build anticipation for your product and build a relationship with the audience. And by the time you launch your product, your audience will be chomping at the bit to get their hands on your product!

Sounds good, right?

By the time you finish Product Launch Secrets, you’ll know exactly how to pull off a successful product launch for yourself by building an audience first.

Don’t worry, we’ll touch on two other options as well (affiliate-driven launches and paid advertising). Together, these options give you a proven strategy that’s worked for countless marketers across countless niches… and you can bet this strategy will give you a successful product launch too.

There’s nothing worse than releasing a product to a chorus of crickets, tumbleweeds, and a complete lack of sales notifications. If you’re a newcomer looking to launch and sell a product for maximum profits, then you’re going to want to dive into this course right away.

Here’s what you get on the inside:

Product Launch Secrets Edition Members Area

  • You’ll discover a 3-step process for creating a drooling, fanatic audience that’s eagerly waiting to snap up your next product release!
  • You’ll get the scoop on the 5 characteristics every super-effective lead magnet must possess to attract a targeted, cash-paying audience!
  • You’ll learn the secrets of creating lead magnets that work harder than any human to close sales like crazy!
  • How to create a follow-up email series that gets subscribers opening every email and eagerly clicking on your links!
  • The one surprising thing the very first email you send to a new subscriber MUST include–forget this one thing and you can forget about making money!
  • 3 little-known tips for selling more products, more often to your mailing list!
  • 4 ways to build a big, effective affiliate program that makes a lot of money for everyone involved!
  • 6 things your affiliate program must have in order to attract the super affiliates in your niche!
  • The #1 way to get your affiliates promoting like crazy. Hint: you can use this trick again and again to generate more sales any time you want!
  • 3 surprising ways to use paid advertising to create a big product launch (bet you know one or two ways… but probably not all three)!

And lots, lots more!

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