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Social media marketing is a great way to connect with your customers, build relationships, build your brand, and generate leads. But one of the big keys to using social media successfully is to boost your share rate.

When people engage by sharing, it not only builds your relationship with the person doing the sharing, it also helps you get fresh eyes on your content.

So with that in mind, check out these ideas for generating more shares on social media…

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1, Find Out What’s Popular

One way to find out what’s on your audience’s minds right now is to take a peek at what sort of content they’re already sharing. You can do this using any number of social media tools, including the popular These tools will let you see which topics are currently popular in your niche, as well as which hashtags people are using to share the content.

Which brings us to the next point…

2, Create Something Fresh

Just because you’re finding out what topics are popular with your audience right now doesn’t mean you should create something similar to what others are creating. Instead, what you need to do is create something FRESH. Give people what they want, but package it up in a way they haven’t seen before… and they’ll share it like crazy.

For example:

  • Share information via an engaging story.
  • Provide an infographic.
  • Share information via a demo video.
  • Share a “new twist” on an old method.
  • Teach information in a fresh way. (E.G., Create a formula to teach a step by step method.)

Next Up…

3, Understand Why People Share Content

In order to get more shares, it’s helpful to understand the reasons why people share specific pieces of content and not others. Once you know these reasons, then you can create content that is likely to tap into these “triggers.” Take a look:

  • People like to share novel content. Certain reward areas of the brain actually light up when people see something novel. So you can bet people are more likely to share this sort of content, especially if it makes them say “Whoa…” or “WOW!”
  • People share content that engages them emotionally. This could be anything from a funny baby video to an inspirational story.
  • People share content that matches their worldview. In a sense, sharing content helps others get to know the person who is doing the sharing. So to that end, people like to share content that makes them look good to their friends.

4, Provide a Call To Action

Content that possesses the characteristics above will get shares. But if you really want to ramp up the shares, then you need to provide a call to action where you specifically tell people to share it.

E.G., “Click the share button now to give your friends a smile!”


If you’re looking to get more shares on social media, then a good place to start is by using the tips you’ve just learned. So give them a try right away, starting with the next piece of content you publish!


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