6 Simple Email Tips To Them Engaged.

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Make sure to keep your emails specific to what they want to know or need, and that it is somehow unique. But you probably already knew that.

Here are are a few more essential email tips to increase your open rates, that you may not have considered.


  1. Identify yourself. Immediately. Do not send an email from some generic name in the hope of confusing them into opening it – they’ll just resent you for it. Use your own personal name.
  2. Always send your emails from the SAME name. You’re building brand loyalty, even when that brand is you. So if you keep changing your “from” line, even if it changes from “Bob Smith” to “Robert Smith” to “Bob,” you’re confusing your recipients.
  3. Don’t pretend your email is what it’s not. More and more we see emails that say, “Your order is complete” or “Here is your download link” something similar, when it’s got nothing to do with anything the receiver ordered. This is spammy at best and downright deceptive at worst.
  4. Create urgency SOMETIMES. Urgency works best in moderation. If every email you send screams, “Time is running out!” “The price is going up!” “There are only 3 copies left!” Then you’re going to become like the boy who cried wolf, and you know what happened to him.

    He cried wolf so many times, that when a real wolf actually showed up, nobody came to his rescue because nobody believed him. And so the wolf ate him up.
  5. Be brief. Sure, there are times when you have to send a longer email, but also send short ones. Remember, more and more of your subscribers are reading your emails on mobile devices.
  6. Make sure that your subject lines are not boring. Are they compelling? Do they imply a benefit to the reader? Does the subject line evoke their curiosity to open the email?

How Not to Send an Email

You’re emailing your list – so far so good. But you might do one stupid, bone-headed thing that makes you look like you don’t give a rat’s hind end about your readers. Worse yet, it even cuts down on your delivery rate.

Know what that one mistake is?

A surprising number of online marketers make it – just check your inbox and you’ll see for yourself.

It’s using a “no-reply” email address. No-reply is a great way to turn your readers off – those who receive your email, that is. And because of the “no-reply,” your delivery rate will go down and some of your emails won’t even make it to your recipients.

I hope you found these tips useful. If you have any useful email tips of your own that you don’t mind sharing, let us know in the comments below.

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