Coaching Session Bookings

Whatever your skill level:
Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced, we can help you with your current business challenges.

We take pride in our business awards and our many satisfied customers over the years. However, It’s not about us, it’s about YOU, and the results that you are looking for…such as solving the challenges/problems that are holding you back right now.


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Awards Such As The Outset Business Award
And The European Business Funding Award


If you want to SAVE yourself time and money by quickly solving an issue that is challenging you, then this coaching service is for you too.

Please Note.

That there is a $100.00 deposit required before the actual coaching call, to go towards the time required to review your coaching needs.

However, If at any time within the first 15 minutes, you feel that this service is not for you, then the session can be concluded and your deposit payment refunded in full.

We hope that this simple money-back guarantee will ensure that the session will be of value to you, before delving deeper into the challenge that is holding you back.

After the initial 15 minutes, deposit payments are not refundable and the full session payment will be required for the time booked. We value your time, as well as our own.

We will always do our very best to find a solution for you on the call.

The first problem solving 1-hour session is currently only:


This includes your $100 deposit. After your first session, subsequent coaching services are results based, as opposed to hourly payments. We agree on a fee and completion date for a particular service, and on delivering each agreed milestone, payment is required.

(Appointment times are strictly adhered to).


Challenges that we can help you with:

Hosting Set-Up
Wordpress Website Creation
(Standard, Intermediate & Advanced)
HTML Websites.
Website Monetization Methods
Wordpress Security
Wordpress Plugins
Website Critiques
Affiliate Pages
Lead Pages
Lead Generation
SEO for Local Businesses
(Website Search Engine Ranking)
Reputation Management
Facebook Business Pages
Facebook Advertising
Social Media Channel Set-Ups
Social Media Posting
Webinar Scripts
Video Sales Letters
Full Product Creation
(PDF, Audio, Video)
Lead Magnet Creation
Graphic Design
Business Logos
(VIdeo, PNG, JPG)
Banner Sets (different Sizes)
Copywriting (Sales Pages/ Webinars/VSL’s)
Funnel Set-Ups
Problem Solving
Business Goals
Strategy Sessions
ADA Compliance
GDPR Compliance

Whatever your issue, contact us to see if we can help. In the unlikely event that we can’t, we will put you in touch with a partner who can.

How to apply…

We have an online application process, to see if we are a good fit for each other to work together.

Upon viewing your application, we will get back to you.

Naturally, we do not wish to waste each other’s time and resources. If we can direct you to a more cost-effective solution, we will.

If we can help you, with your particular issue, you will be sent to an online booking form to arrange a virtual coaching session., using our own private, secure chat room.

If you don’t wish to have an actual virtual video session, you can have a live audio discussion using or even communicate by email.

The choice is yours entirely. Whatever you feel comfortable with.

After your session, you will receive an invoice for payment by Paypal or Stripe.


Each session is recorded for standard legal reasons. Your privacy is paramount and no session is ever released in full or in part without your consent and visa versa.

If you book a session and cannot attend, then your $100 deposit is retained by us to cover some of the costs involved in reviewing your application.

Our intention is always to help you to resolve your issue as quickly as possible and to provide maximum value during each coaching session.

Click the button below
to request a coaching session.



Thank you for your interest in our coaching.

The Entrepreneur Classics Team