Creating Your Next Product In just
10 Days Or Less

Work expands to fill the time allotted – and even more time beyond that – if you don’t have a hard deadline. Therefore, if you make it a goal to finish your new ebook in 3 months, at the 3-month mark you’ll either just be finishing, or worse yet you’ll realize you’re only halfway done. If, however, you had a hard launch date, then you’ll have the book ready.

Deadlines are a magnificent thing – they give you permission to ignore the email, ignore Facebook, turn the phone off, tear yourself away from the video games and television and actually get your work done.

Let’s get started:

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1, First, set a deadline that is almost impossibly close, such as 10 days from right now. Second, hold yourself accountable on a massive scale. That is, call up your best marketing buddy and schedule a live webinar with him or her to sell your new product. Now promote the webinar heavily.

Guess what? For the next 10 days, you’re going to move heaven and earth to get your product finished for that webinar, and on Day 11 you are going to party!

2, Second, you’re going to be looking forward to all the sales you will make in the future with your new product. In fact, you’re going to take the momentum that webinar created and use it to contact other marketers and set up more live webinars for their lists.

3, Third, you are going to feel fantastic. That new product that you thought would take 3 months of your life only took 10 days!

4, Fourth, you’ve now got a system for not only getting products done fast, but also getting your first sales the moment the product is completed for an immediate payoff.

Next. You need to do this.

5, You got to make a start on your project (Yep, it’s that obvious) or guess what…it’s never going to happen.

Often the act of doing something small, towards your goal is enough to get yourself going and naturally moving onto the bigger stuff, all because you got in the state known as flow. A state where time just flies by and productivity is the name of the game.

6, Next. It’s really important that you accomplish the one thing in your project that will make the biggest difference, and move it forward massively each day.

7, Then preferably, the next and so on. Doing that one important thing every day without fail will get your project done eventually.

8, The next level, is to outsource the project then your 24 hours in a day becomes multiple 24 hours a day as you are trading cash for other people time, to get your project done faster.

Penny drops in the brain…Clunk 🙂

That’s It. If you can’t do these things? You as well continue to be one of the marketed too as opposed to the marketer, the one who sells his or her own products and services to people who want and need them.

It’s that simple. If you’re not doing this, you may as well keep dreaming, as time will keep marching on and you will have nothing substantial to show for it.


This post doesn’t show you how to actually create a product, however, it gives you some solid tips for getting it done and fast.

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