The Secret to Success

Anytime you’re able to do what you want, what do you typically do? If you’re like most people, you do the thing that you find the most enjoyable, the least scary or the easiest.

Therein lies a MAJOR stumbling block to success in Internet marketing and any endeavor in which you can do whatever it is you want to do – and that is procrastination.

Sure, you need to finish that product and get it online, but first you’re going to watch a little Netflix.

Yes, you need to perform niche research and find the best keywords for your next dozen articles, and then write the articles, but that floor sure needs a good vacuuming, doesn’t it?

And so it goes.

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One of the easiest, fastest ways to overcome this is to get yourself an accountability partner, preferably someone who shares similar goals with yourself.

When you’re accountable to someone and you need to answer for your actions, you know what happens? You get stuff done. And often times in this business that one simple thing makes all the difference between succeeding and failing.

We tend to be our own worst enemies when it comes to being focused. But when you have someone to report to each day and account for what you accomplished and whether you achieved your goals for the day,  procrastinating because downright difficult.

You know you’ll have to make an excuse if you didn’t get your work done, and you know your partner isn’t going to buy that excuse any more than you’re going to buy hers.

Staying focused is one of the most important keys to your success, and having a partner to keep each other accountable can double, triple and even quadruple your productivity. I don’t know of anything else that powerful, other than outsourcing your work.

So find someone you’re compatible with, and become each others accountability partner.

Then each evening either call or email your next’s days goals to each other, and report on how and what you did that day. And above all, be HONEST.

Skype works great for this. Keep your calls short – 15 minutes max, because this is not something to burn up more of your time but rather something to make you more successful.

Your job as an accountability partner is to listen to what your partner says. If they’re not on track, your job isn’t to comfort them; it’s to ask what needs to be done for them to get back on track. You’re not offering consolation, you’re helping them to meet their goals.


Monitor how much you accomplish after getting your accountability partner, I think you will be shocked at the difference it makes in your business.

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