5 things I wish someone had told me, when I first started online.

1, It’s okay to be scared of doing new things. I don’t care what your background is, there is going to be something about online marketing that frightens you, and that’s okay. It’s not the fear that’s relevant, it’s moving PAST your fear to achieve your goals.

The thing I had to learn over and over is that as soon as you move past your fear and do the thing that worried you so much, you realize there was no reason to worry at all. It’s like that big scary monster you saw in your closet as a kid. Turn on the light and you realize that monster is just the clothes you didn’t bother to hang up. It’s nothing.

Heck, it’s less than nothing. But you won’t get to know that until you do the things that make you nervous, whether it’s posting on a forum, writing articles, putting up a webpage, doing your first big launch, approaching people for joint ventures, etc.

2, Look for ways to push past your comfort zone. This is taking #1 even further – not only are you not allowing fear to get in your way, you’re actually deliberately seeking out the things that aren’t currently in your comfort zone and doing them.

there was a lady who jumped out of a perfectly good airplane because she wondered if she had the guts to do it. Come to find out, it was even scarier than she imagined, so she did it twice more just to see if she still had the guts. She succeeded. It’s that kind of attitude that will break down every barrier standing between you and your success.

3, Perfection does not exist – at least not in the current realm. Perhaps in the afterlife, we’ll find some kind of perfection, but not here and not now. So stop trying to achieve it.

Here is a real-life example

People working on a project

Two students who were both creating their first products. One of them planned and strategized and researched and planned some more. Finally he got started, and he made sure to get every sentence just right, every period in the right place, every video made without a stutter or misstep.

That student is still working on his product. The other student made mistakes in grammar, mistakes in spelling, mistakes on his videos and you know what? He’s now released not just the one but three different products and he’s doing well. The first student hasn’t made a dime yet, and I fear that by the time he releases his product it will be out of date and unsaleable.

I’m not saying don’t do a good job – I am saying do the best you can and then finish it, whatever it is. If you’re always working to make it perfect, you’ll never finish and you’ll never reap the rewards. It’s like trying to create the perfect marriage proposal in the perfect setting at the perfect time with the perfect words – you’re going to die old and alone.

Settle for really good, and you’ll not only achieve a whole lot more – you’ll also be a lot less stressed, too.

4, Celebrate your successes. Even if it’s a minor success, take time to celebrate it in your own way. Whether that’s doing a little dance or hugging your spouse, treat yourself – you deserve it. Plus, it gives you positive reinforcement so that you can achieve more and more success.

5, Take a break. If you’re working 12 hours a day 7 days a week, you’re going to burn out and get tired of the whole thing. Take time to rest, enjoy life and recharge your batteries. Then jump back in with renewed vigor.


Don’t reinvent the wheel. Do what works in your niche, make a start and keep going. How do you eat an elephant. A piece at a time. The key is not to give up. Eventually you get to the top of the hill, and coming down the other side of it gets a lot easier.



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